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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) "I am interested in having ____________ designed. Could you do that?"

Of course! I specialize in designing logos, posters, sponsorship boards, advertisements, Save the Date's, business cards, etc. We can work from ideas you already have and I can offer you unique concept pitches.

2.) "How quickly can you work? And how much?"

Great question! How fast I can work depends on what you need me to do and how many revisions you may have. My prices vary with depending on the same variables. But I promise to work with you to give you the best price possible in the fastest time possible.

3.) "Awesome! How do we get started?"

Another great question! You are on fire! Just click on the Contact Page at the top and that will help you get in touch so we can get designing!

4.) "Just one more, what is with the cactus?"

It was an icon I had created when I was a teenager. It represents humor and that I, like the cactus, will always reach for the impossible. I have been using the cactus in my art ever since.

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